Volumetric Building Companies President, Vaughan Buckley, Joins in Home Building’s Next Revolution at the Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference

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updated: Nov 5, 2019

Vaughan Buckley, President at Volumetric Building Companies, will help write the operating manual for home and commercial construction’s next big transformation when he speaks at the Industrialized Wood-Based Construction (IWBC) Conference[1] this coming Nov. 4-6 in Boston.

Vaughan will speak as a Breakout Session presenter during the event, which will bring together leading-edge building science experts and companies from as far away as Australia. Together, they’ll reveal how to employ new processes and products that can revolutionize how we build, among them mass timber, modular buildings, and computerized offsite construction.

At the conference, Vaughan will speak on Vertical Integration in Off-Site Construction.

IWBC’s offerings include Katerra’s chief architect and five other expert keynoters[2], more than 30 breakout session speakers[3], and dozens of cutting-edge manufacturers.

“Vaughan Buckley is a great addition to the scores of experts on wood and construction science who will be gathering in Boston this November,” said Art Schmon, IWBC’s managing director and a principal at Forest Economic Advisors, the consultancy that launched the conference in 2018. “He helps fulfill IWBC’s goal of going beyond just touting construction’s new world by providing a map for getting there.”

“Mitigating risk on alternative methods of construction is a key factor in adoption. Successful vertical integration is one method to reduce risk to an enticing level for institutional investors and developers,” said Vaughan speaking on the new innovation happening within the industry.

While other industries have made quantum leaps in productivity, construction is stuck in the 1950s. Now, in this age of labor shortages, rapidly growing demand, and a crisis in affordable housing, the construction industry is getting desperate for a solution. That solution is wood-based offsite construction.

Wood-based offsite construction is less dependent on skilled trades and can be built in a fraction of the time required for reinforced concrete, steel-framed structures, and stick-built homes. It also wastes less raw materials, provides safer working conditions, and can help make housing more affordable.

IWBC will feature six world-renowned keynote speakers: Katerra Architecture President Craig Curtis, real estate consultant John Burns, BIM pioneer Phil Bernstein, innovative construction expert Robert Hairstans, visionary architect George Legendre, and construction finance expert Margaret Whelan. They and the breakout sessions speakers will examine new organizational models for construction projects, reveal the latest research in new products, show how robots can change home building, and give advice for winning over still-skeptical builders, developers, and architects.

This year’s conference will take place on Nov. 4-6 at the Westin Boston Waterfront. To register and get information about exhibiting, visit www.iwbcc.com[4].


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